Frequently Asked Questions

How does LiveTL work?

LiveTL is, at its core, just a chat filter for YouTube streams. LiveTL does not automatically translate streams – instead, it picks up translations found in the chat. This helps foreign viewers better catch translations that other viewers are providing in the YouTube Live Chat.

I opened my stream with LiveTL but it isn’t loading?

The chat may be temporarily unavailable. LiveTL will only load if the stream has a valid Live Chat or Chat Replay.

I don’t see any translations in the translations panel?

If there are no translators in chat, LiveTL is unable to display translations. Any messages properly tagged with a language code (ex. [en] <translation>, ESP: <translation>, etc.) will appear when they appear in chat.

A translator is using their own style of language tags, how do I make them show?

You can manually select additional users to filter in the settings.